• Zyclone Zing-Ring Blaster
  • Zyclone Zing - Ring Blaster. Family fun takes flight!
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Zing Air Zyclone


What was the inspiration/idea behind the Zyclone?
Phil: The inspiration for the Zyclone was a very good customer of mine who created a really cool ring airfoil launcher toy. So with that, we (the four members of the original team made up of a PhD in particle physics, a top notch machinist, a chicken farmer, and me) wanted to come up with a new toy with an alternate way of launching the rings. It turns out the entire toy would be new with a completely unique way to launch the rings.

A big thanks to Phil for telling us about the process he’s been through in developing a Toy product. I’m looking forward to getting one myself. You can buy the Zyclone online now at sites like Amazon.


Zing Toys Zyclone Blaster - Toys"R"Us

Phil Sluder of has all the boys and girls in a ring hurling rage (as you’ll see in the video) with a toy he designed along with a particle physicist, a machinist and a chicken farmer. It’s the Zyclone, and if you don’t buy one after reading this, the rest of this year will be BORING.