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Table 11: Degree of Urbanization Worldwide: Urban Population as a % of Total Population by Geographic Region for the Years 1990, 2014 & 2050 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-29 Key Factors/Challenges Hampering Market Prospects for Zirconium II-29 Adoption of Various Alternate Minerals in Key End-Use Applications.............. II-29 Price Volatility.............. II-30 Table 12: Global Zirconium Market (2013-2020): Breakdown of Zircon Sand Prices in US$ per Ton (includes corresponding Graph/Chart).............. II-31 Oversupply in Titanium Feedstock II-31 Strong Chinese Demand and Restricted Supply II-31 Health and Environmental Effects of Zirconium II-32 Discontinued Use of Zirconium in TV Glass II-33 Challenges Associated with Usage in Dental Implants II-33

In 2012, China's zircon sand (including concentrates and tailings) import volume was 78.01 tons, reduced by 12.16% year-on-year; in Q4, the import price of zircon sand reduced by 27% over Q1. In 2013, ILUKA intends to slash output, and the target output dropped by 36% over the same period of last year, and reduced by 63% over 2011. Huidian Research forecasts that the zircon sand price is expected to show an upward trend in H2 of 2013 with the global economic and demand recovery, especially with the supply slash of industry giants.


Zirconium Industry Update April 2012 - ABSCO Materials