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Zippo Armor Pocket Lighter, High Polish Chrome

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a quick look at the zippo armor case . the zippo armor case means that the case itself is 1.5times thicker. this helps reduce dents and damage. it feels slighty bigger than a standard zippo. also the hinge and the lid feel much more stronger and well made. i got my zippo armour in a brushed finish but there are more availible.
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send me a messgae if you want to see a specific zippo , as i may have it in my collection somewhere.
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This Zippo Armor Case lighter has a slightly thicker metal casing than a regular Zippo lighter has. The casing can be engraved for a unique and personal look you will love having. It can be identified as an Armor Zippo by its unique bottom stamp. Made in America, this lighter is backed by a lifetime warranty. You know you will always be able to rely on the windproof flame ignited by the flint wheel and lighter fluid this lighter utilizes.


Zippo Armor Case - Zippo collector 2013