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Zhu Zhu Princess: Carriages and Castles - Nintendo DS

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Tweet Cepia has just released a New DS Game called Magical Zhu Zhu Princess Carriages and Castles. This one is for the girls who enjoy the recent addition of Zhu Zhu Princesses to the Zhu Zhu Pet toy line I call the Zhu Zhu Pets Royalty Collection. In this new Zhu Zhu Princess DS Game […]

In this new Zhu Zhu Princess DS Game the girls will be able to help Princess Snowcup find Her Way to Prince Dashington’s Castle! They can also Dress up, Feed, and Explore with Snowcup, Patches, Num Nums, Pipsqueak, Jilly, Nugget, Peachy, Pinky, and Prince Dashington! Throughout their journey, they will also encounter jumps, slides, tunnels and more!


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