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A quick video comparison of the new D'Addario XL strings to the current generation - D'Addario sent me a set to check out, so I grabbed one of their current gen EXL110 sets and put them through their paces on excerpts from two tunes on my upcoming album. Shortcuts:

Clean Jimi-style chord melody and lead:
Current XL: neck pickup soloing at
XLNY Formula 3: neck pickup soloing at

Mid-gain bluesy lead:
Current XL:
XLNY Formula 3:

Current XL:
XLNY Formula 3:

My initial impression is that while they don't sound radically different (especially while just strumming open chords - the DI clip where I'm just strumming an open G is misleadingly similar, I think - if I were to do this comparison again I'd have thrown some aggressive blues licks at the end of the DI clips)) the overtones in the new set are definitely a little different - a little sweeter and more bell-like, and it translates into a bit more "punch" and focused midrange when you dig in a bit. I'll update this in a week or two once I get some more play time on them, but for now I'll say they SEEM to hold up a little better as well; I've got a couple hours of play on them today, and they still sound pretty fresh.

The clean tones were my Roadster in Ch 1 Clean, Master , Presence 2, Bass 10, Mids noon, Treble , Gain 3. The distorted tone was Ch 3 Modern, Master 1, Presence , bass all the way off, Mids 3, Treble 2, and gain at noon. Output was probably a hair below 9 (I've moved it since), and a THD Hot Plate was taking 12db off the amp. The SM57 was on the grill and on axis, maybe midway to the edge of the cone. The DI tracks were into the Instrument input of my M-Audio Profire 2626 with the mic gain halfway up.

Demo of the D'Addario XL Formula 3 strings that they were kind enough to send me a sample of via email. The song is my guest solo on a demo version of Shamballah - The Winter Waltz (). Played through Ignite Amps NRR-1 VST on a Schecter Damien Elite 7 using EMG 81/87s.

D'Addario -
My original music -


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