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Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Console


The first thing to say about the Xbox 360 Slim is that the title is a bit of a misnomer. Really, it should be called the Xbox 360 , because the first thing anyone notices about it is that it isn’t actually much slimmer than any previous models – though it is shorter when stood on it’s end.

Most of the space has been saved by a single design too, namely shifting the Xbox 360 hard drive so that it no longer sits bulkily on top of the console in that ludicrously over-sized grey enclosure. The new Xbox 360 Slim hard drives are much more modest in physical size, measuring just 105 x 20 x 75mm to the older model’s 195 x 24 x 79mm. The new drives also swap the old bespoke connection for a standard SATA port too, though we don’t imagine that’ll make it any more possible to use a standard laptop drive in an Xbox 360 Slim. Custom file formats and the like will still form a barrier.


Xbox 360 Slim Launched by Microsoft | Buzz Punching

Microsoft was the first to enter this current console-gaming generation with its original , a hulk of a system that beat both Nintendo and Sony to the punch. Despite the millions of Xboxes sold (or possibly because of it), the 360 line—encompassing the Xbox 360 Core, , Xbox 360 Pro, and ($199.99, )—has been plagued by the infamous red ring of death, a fatal design flaw that caused some overheated Xbox 360 units to shut down and become inoperable. It also lacked built-in Wi-Fi (a feature that Sony's competing ($299.99, ) has included since it's launch), and the hard drive, which protruded slightly from the system, gave it an even bulkier appearance. Microsoft aims to remedy all of these ills with its latest $299.99 (list) Xbox 360 (250GB). Dubbed the "Xbox 360 slim" by both journalists and consumers, the redesigned Xbox 360 has the same horsepower, game library, and rich online experience as previous Xbox 360 models, but contains several key tweaks and improvements—inside and out—that make it the best Xbox yet. If you want to save money and don't mind losing a large amount of storage, however, the Xbox 360 now has a 4GB version for only $199.99, as an alternative.