• "a wonderful puzzler"
  • Retro toy called "Wonderful Puzzler" identical to a Rubiks Cube
  • Lesen Sie die deutsche Beschreibung. Rubik's Cube - Rare
  • Animal Cube III Another variant from Wonderful Puzzle

Wonderful Puzzlers


developer (or ) has created a wonderful puzzler called , where players must "align" each image with the mouse to succeed. Sometimes it's filling in squares; other times it's completing rather complicated patterns. Just stick with it past, say, 10 or so puzzles to get even more impressed.

a rare "Wonderful Puzzler" Rubicks Cube in its original package. It was made in Taiwan in the early 1980s during the Cold War era by diversified Rubik's patent because of the game's popularity. This Clone has the same quality like the original ARXON cubes. One distinct bonus of these original cubes (unlike modern versions) is that the tension of the cube can easily be adjusted. Slowly start to peel away a centre sticker. You will find that the plastic "cap" comes away as you do this.


Octagonal Prism 3x3x3 (Wonderful Puzzler) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Wonderful Puzzler Rubix Cube

Comes with its box.

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