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The two types of extractor fans are axial fans and centrifugal extractor fans. The window extractor fan is considered an axial fan and wall extractor fans are centrifugal. Variants in extractor fans include size, self-regulating, low voltage and automatic. The bigger the extractor fan is, the better the air flow and pollutant extraction. Low voltage extractor fans are good for use in the bathroom as they run through their own transformer and can even be installed over the shower stall. Automatic extractor fans turn on automatically when the humidity in the room reaches a certain level. Self-regulating extractor fans have a built-in controller that regulates the air flow and turns off after a set time.

When you have a then they could be a useful tool for your kitchen or your bathroom; getting a window extractor fan is something which is not just useful but can’t be quite simple to install also. You don’t need to drill a hole in your wall but rather will be to mount it through your window.


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Measure on to the pane of glass where you want the window extractor fan to be fitted. The size of the hole will be dependent on the type of fan being fitted, so be sure to refer to any schematics provided in your kit. Always make a mental note that the fan housing is larger than the hole so always make sure that you leave sufficient space around the hole to accommodate it.