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Too low to display

So this is why windup devices really don’t scale up very well. We have successfully produced windup torches and radios, and even a windup mobile phone but a wind up laptop computer is a challenge that is still difficult to meet unless the engineers succeed in creating one that runs on much lower power than current units. The biggest challenge is the display and devices like eBook readers such as the Kindle have a very long battery life because the e-ink displays that they use require power only when they are changed.

We hope that this explanation has helped you to understand why human powered devices cannot be very powerful. For devices that consume more than a few Watts of power Solar Cells are probably a better way to go. Obviously they only work during the day time, but they have the advantage that the energy that they generate can be accumulated in a battery and then released over a short time to give the necessary power. However, before anyone asks a solar cell big enough to provide power for a vehicle is going to be very large. Some experimental solar powered vehicles do exist but they are not really practical devices.

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