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  • Using Wii Remote controllers and the Wii U GamePad for up to 5 player gameplay
  • Splatoon Wii U Premium Pack includes a black Wii U Premium console and a physical copy of Splatoon.
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Nintendo unveiled the next iteration of the Wii Remote today, called Wii Remote Plus, as well as two Limited Edition Mario-red Wii and Nintendo DSi XL console bundles, all releasing on November 7th. The new Wii Remote Plus – available in white, pink, blue, black or, if you get it in the new Limited Edition Mario-red Wii, red – comes with Wii MotionPlus functionality built right into the Remote unit and is the same size as the original Wii Remote. Not only that, when it’s released it will be available for the same price as a standard Wii Remote, $39.99 USD/$44.99 CAD.

The new Limited Edition Mario-red Wii and bundles celebrate the Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary, each in their own way. The Wii bundle includes New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a Wii Remote Plus and Wii Sports (not sure why it doesn’t include if Nintendo’s already including the Wii Remote Plus) and will be available for $199.99 USD/$209.99 CAD.


No, it is supposed to be supported after Wii U as well

Blue and pink Wii Remotes were released in Japan on December 3, 2009. In North America, the blue and pink Wii Remotes were released February 14, 2010 in a bundle with a standard white Wii MotionPlus.