• White Gorilla Glue
  • Do not microwave or heat your bottle of White Gorilla Glue to soften the top layer.
  • When using White Gorilla Glue, clamp for 30–60 minutes. For best results, allow 24 hours to cure.
  • Description: White glue Capacity: 1000 MLPacking: Bottle Quality test report: ASTM D 4236...

Elmer's Washable No-Run School Glue, 4 oz, 1 Bottle (E304)

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Traditional white glue is ideal for classrooms and offices. It helps with crafts, repairs, and projects. Our glue is high quality and safe to use in all environments. It also dries clear and bonds strong, so you won’t have any noticeable streaks or chunks of dried glue hanging around the edges.

When your paper pieces are all glued down, add some googly eyes for a finishing touch. White glue works best for attaching the wiggly eyes. Look at that cute owl!


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Description: White glue is a premium quality, All-purpose glue for bonding most porous, semi-porous, and fibro us materials, This glue bonds fast and dries clear, non-toxic....