• Accent a door with colorful washi tape, as seen on .
  • More than 20 new, colorful and pretty washi tape designs to choose from!
  • Original washi tape made by the wonderful Abbey Sy and her artistic hands
  • After a long wait, our original washi tape designs are back on stock!

MassMall® Decorative DIY Tape Washi Rainbow Candy Color Sticky Paper Masking Adhesive Tape Scrapbooking &Phone DIY Decoration 10xRoll

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Have you guys ever heard of or used washi tape? Washi tape is basically fancy Japanese masking tape that has become pretty popular for crafting, and every time I see the lovely colors and patterns I want them all so I can make people cute greeting cards and package my cakes nicely. But then I look at the price and realize that they are $18 bucks for three tiny rolls and I’m like “WTF Japan I am not made of money”, so I pass.


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To start just take your washi tape and place it on your notebook. You can do any pattern or style that you want. We decided to just keep it simple and do some vertical patterns using the matching washi tapes. To make your pencils, you do the same thing but going horizontally around the pencil. Make sure to leave a little room so you can sharpen your pencil.