• Six years later, Walmart is finally getting its man.
  • WalMart Black Friday Deals are NOT live yet. Following are our latest handpicked WalMart deals.
  • It's like Oprah decided to giveaway Walmarts to all of South Florida. Only, much, much sadder.
  • There will also be a fresh produce section because, if you weren't aware, Walmart sells EVERYTHING.

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Because of the automated savings feature in Savings Catcher, Walmart customers now have reason to regularly check their balance, scan receipts and price items. Because the app is also location-aware, customer are giving implicit permission to track where and when they are shopping. This adds one more layer of valuable data.

With customers provided the incentive to always scan their in-store receipts — it’s free, it’s easy and the benefit is clear — now Walmart can see new patterns arise like:


Six years later, Walmart is finally getting its man

Walmart will combine its own retail and online sales, gathered in close to real time, with social media data – and the new data stream coming from its Savings Catcher, an online service that gets consumers to input in-store receipts to see if they could have gotten a better price elsewhere. WalMart is a top ten Hispanic advertiser and many of its suppliers in the CPG and other categories are major advertisers.