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Virtual Scrapbook Womanizer. Part 3

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Pinterest is finally taking the plunge that many other tech companies already have: It has started selling video advertising. Video ads from brands like Kate Spade and bareMinerals will start appearing in the virtual scrapbook-like Pinterest feed on Wednesday and into the coming weeks, and Pinterest is hopeful that ads from other brands will soon follow.

Hidden object games certainly are experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with games like and . Following on the heels of comes another hidden object game geared towards women – Aisle 5’s . is almost a combination of virtual scrapbooking and hidden object finding, as you have to find items to put in a scrapbook.


Virtual Scrapbook: Gender Roles of Early Modern England

imagine that nearly everyone has tried to keep a scrapbook of some kind at some point in their life. Maybe it was to collect ticket stubs for concerts or sporting events. Maybe it was for vacations or family photos. When I first started writing, I kept a scrapbook of my , and later, after I was published, I kept a scrapbook of my publications. But scrapbooks take up room on shelves. They can be damaged by the elements or by wear and tear. It seems to me that is as good a place as any to keep and maintain “virtual” scrapbooks. So this week, I’ll discuss four types of virtual scrapbooks you can keep in Evernote (there are, of course, countless types) and I’ll talk about some of the ways I manage my scrapbooks.