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Watch the Rolling Video Games mobile video game theater in action:


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Touhou Mouse Pad, Mousepad (10.2 x 8.3 x 0.12 inches)

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Censorship usually takes the form of the direct suppression of speech, but it seems that U.S. legislators are attempting new means of indirect censorship by using tax reform. Unsurprisingly, violent video games are the scapegoat that the Tax Reform Act of 2014 is attempting to target. While it has been previously held to be unconstitutional to tax violent speech, the proposed act may have found a way to pull this off by offering tax incentives to video game creators who do not make violent games rather than taxing those that do.

The Iranian video games industry is young but "blooming" and may soon be booming. And it's all there in a handbook called "Iran's Game Industry: Essential Facts & Key Players 2016-2017."


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Great question provided by Clem this week for KFC Radio. Create a 4 person Hunger Games Team using 1 character from TV, movies, and video games. Theres a lot of different ways you can go, and none are necessarily wrong. But I’m gonna list out some of the best picks for each category