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Funai Corp. DV220FX5 Dual Deck DVD and VHS Player


There are few reasons for this however we asked a few of our customers what they needed from our site and the outcome was simple. They needed a VHS player that would play VHS tapes that have sat under their bed, giving the option to choose a unit that also records, make and certainly models didnt seem to matter. The general ability to play VHS players was all they needed, so we have set up a simple one page service for each of our units; VHS Players, VHS Recorders, DVD Players and Combi DVD/VHS Players. We also noticed that the vast amounts of makes and models that come available to us, you would have to search through 100's of pages of players that are similar in looks and also do exactly the same as the next models.

Using the DMP-BD70V’s VHS player function reminded me how long it has been since I used a VCR with recorded VHS tapes. I do have a D-VHS digital VCR I use to record HDTV broadcasts in conjunction with my HDTV tuner, but the operation is totally different as is the way the signal is recorded. Using the DMP-BD70V reminded me of some of the high-end VCRs I have used, in that the transport is smooth and quiet, it responds instantly to remote commands, and the image just shows some faint lines through it when scanning through recordings at high speed.


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One of these guys happened to still have a VHS player and stuck in the tape and what do you know, it's got the new Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies trailer on it.