• Natural Translucent Vellum Paper
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  • The Hares used a number of materials in their plans — from a type of vellum paper to waxed linen.
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Vellum Value Pack 8.5"X11" 50/Pkg-Clear 95gsm


Where to buy vellum paper? There are many sources, but DraftingSteals carries or has access to lots of vellums including Clearprint. Checkout the amazing history of the Clearprint Paper Company

When vellum paper comes out of the package, it is stacked closely together with multiple other sheets. In order to prepare it for use, separate each sheet from its neighbor, taking care not to bend or crease them. This is especially helpful when working on a big project, as it is not always easy to drop other pages to grab a new sheet that is stuck to others in the package.


Vellum Paper - 10 Sheets - Heartfelt Creations

Some call it see-though; some call it transparent; some call it sheer. We call it Vellum Paper, an extensive collection of delicate translucent papers with the lovely appearance of frosted glass and a multitude of uses.