• Toys for 8 month old
  • Stacking toys are one of my top choice of toys an for 8 month old baby.
  • Read on for lots of suggestions of the best toys for an 8 month old baby.
  • Stacking toys are one of my top choice of toys an for 8 month old baby.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks


Great toys for 8 month old babies include toys that help hone fine motor skills. Babies of 8 months will spend a lot of time handling toys and passing them from hand to hand. They will just be developing the pincer grasp and will enjoy nesting toys too. My son also puts everything in his mouth. His teeth are coming through so anything that he can knaw on is always popular. He loves toys with rattles you can push, beads you can move, buttons you can press and things you can pull.

Many 8 month old babies are crawling or on the move or about to get there. Toys that encourage them to move and get things just out of their reach are good toys for development at this age. Balls and ball pits make appropriate toys for 8 month old babies. My own baby started crawling last month so toys that he can crawl after are popular and fun.


Nine-month-old babies are hard to buy toys and gifts for, ..

This is an awesome toy for the growing baby and can be said to be one of the best toys for the 8 months old baby. It will assist the baby in learning new things and will develop his sense of creativity and imagination as well. One can find this toy in almost all baby toy stores since it is a pretty popular one among babies of this age.