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I was also able to create my own icon instead of that dreaded "arrow" they default with on many units. I have spongebobsquare pants, WallE, and a number of other characters that I created with Window's default paint program found in the start/program/accessories/ path of Windows XP. Then I create a jpg file and transfer it to the unit using the TomtomGo software. You have to set the pixel count exactly to what their website instruction says and also make the background of the image/picture that you are using red. This can all be done using the Microsoft Window's paint program.

I strongly recommend the $14.95 gas station price subscription that can be purchased off of TomTom's website. It is well worth the money and at high gas prices, this subscription can easily pay for the cost of the entire Tomtom930 unit over time plus the subscription if you own a nice low MPG gas burning SUV like I do. You can download prices for regular, mid-octane, and high-octane fuel. You will need to either connect your unit to your computer daily for the latest updates or if you have a bluetooth phone with a data connection, you can download the prices through the data connection right to your Tomtom unit. Also, you can buy the 930 unit and use the traffic subscription service of the data connection instead of the RDS-RMC traffic antenna service. I do not have the data connection so I could not evaluate this but Tomtom's website states that it is capable of both methods.


What is the TomTom 930 Traffic SatNav?

The TomTom GO 930 Traffic is the flagship GPS system in TomTom's premier SatNav range. Not only does it have the latest TomTom hardware technology, it also has new innovations such as IQ Routes and Map Share, combine this with an RDS-TMC Traffic receiver, and a full featured MP3 player and you get a portable in-car assistant that will get you from A to B anywhere in Europe or Northern America.