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Tombstone, Classic Pepperoni Pizza, 12 Inch 22 Oz. Pizza (12 Count)

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Hugo's regularly priced its 17-ounce boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios on sale for $3.59 compared with Hornbacher's regular price of $4.49. Two Tombstone frozen pepperoni and sausage pizzas were going for $9 at Hugo's—$5.39 each regularly—while they cost $4.99 each at Hornbachers.

Eating a frozen Tombstone pepperoni pizza is an act of ignorance and bliss — you probably don’t want to think about the animals that pepperoni comes from. But if you decided you did want to know more about the meat in processed foods — even if it took a little research — could you find out? In a BuzzFeed investigation, the answer turned out to nearly always be no.


Tombstone Pepperoni Before Cooking