• ITEMS NEEDED– Toilet Paper (multiple rolls)
  • Barack Obama Toilet Paper Roll 3
  • New OPR brand recycled toilet paper being used in the White House
  • Roll of toilet paper with one sheet folded down in front. Brand: Trader Joe's Bath Tissue.

Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 48 Double Rolls Toilet Paper, 12 Count (Pack of 4)


Inventor Seth Wheeler patented quite a few toilet paper-related gadgets. This "" is a surprisingly complex-looking device that achieves the simple goal of serving up a new sheet of toilet paper after the one in front of it has been pulled. The automated feed was a big step up over manually turning a toilet paper delivery device.

Toilet paper didn't always come on perfectly round rolls. This from 1886 shows a flattened roll of paper. "This invention has reference to improvements in the fixture by means of which an oval roll of paper may have a determinate and sufficient amount of paper cut off from it each time the fixture is operated," the patent reads.



: This toilet paper was deemed the softest tissue in the test, and it is also absorbent and strong. The con to this toilet paper is in case you have fussy plumbing, it did not breakdown as quickly as other toilet papers.