• online game to help learn the colors.
  • Colors for Kids app will help your children to quickly learn colors and their tints
  • This activity is a great way to learn colors. Sort toys by color to make a room size rainbow.
  • Colors For Toddlers To Learn Colors, children learn to

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Color Play Drum


Aiden loves to drag all of his toys into the living room. I thought it would be fun to sort the toys by color and make a rainbow out of them. This was a great way to learn learn colors.

Here are some simple and fun ways to learn colors and color mixing through play. I like to do a lot of learning by doing activities. Hands on play is wonderful for small children! Many of these activities include additional skills like math, fine motor and practical life skills! Hope you enjoy and find one or two you can use with your child or children!


The “Learn” door is for learning colors.

This color sorting train is a great for kids to learn colors. They can also work on counting. A fun color recognition activity for toddlers and preschoolers!