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Despite the inauspicious beginning, the Arc Light campaign proved to be so invaluable that the demand for sorties went up from an initial rate of 300 per month at the beginning of 1966 to a peak of 3,150 in 1972, in the successful effort to contain the North Vietnamese spring offensive. The effectiveness of the force was enhanced with the introduction of the B-52D as the standard bomber and the introduction of the Combat Skyspot radar-assisted ground-directed bombing system. U Tapao Royal Thai Naval Air Base was brought into operation, enabling missions with greatly reduced en-route times. Sorties were extended beyond Vietnam to Laos and Cambodia. The strategic nuclear bomber had been turned into a flexible, on call tactical bomb delivery system.

The B-52 distinguished itself many times during the Vietnam War, but two efforts stand out above all. The first is the battle of Khe Sanh, where new tactics devastated the North Vietnamese besiegers in 2,548 sorties that dropped 59,542 tons of bombs, and in the words of General Westmoreland “broke the back” of enemy resistance.


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But even Marvel is a distant second to the DC animated work of the past two decades. The theatrical length movies and series work is frequently fantastic and always interesting. THAT is why the live action films are so frustrating. WB have such an amazing base from the comics, and such a fantastic development of the IP in their animated universe, and then they let their live action films get destroyed by man-child directors who are not only terrible at creating human drama in their storytelling but have no ability to direct good action sequences. None. Zero. DC made turds out of gold. Marvel did the opposite.