• The benefits of arginine for our body
  • There is strong evidence supporting the use of arginine for this condition
  • Early research suggests the potential for immune benefits.
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Arginine: What it is & How You Can Benefit From It.

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One of the great benefits of L arginine is that is helps to reduce the risk of and improve the effects of cardio-vascular heart disease. There are so many more benefits than any other pharmaceutical or nutraceutical agent ever discovered up to this time. Another benefit of L-arginine is that is produces nitric oxide which is beneficial for your body.

During the past five decades studies have revealed Arginine to be useful in a variety of contexts. Arginine has become popular as a supplement among body builders, athletes and those with weakened immune systems. I’ve summarized some of the established benefits of Arginine below with links to data supporting each claim.


Benefits of Arginine HCL in improving Wound Healing