• She packed her suitcases the night before she left.
  • The poster for the remake captures this scene, showing star Josh Brolin emerging from a suitcase.
  • Well wrap the snake up in a compact package and carry it along in a suitcase.
  • If they knew me that well, I'd never be safe where I had stashed my suitcase.

American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set, Black

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Amazing! I used to make my own boomcases and it's so much cheaper to DIY and fairly easy too. Used to find suitcases in second hand stores for $2-5 all the time 🙂

Bound for Bangkok. Instead of a coffin I had a vinyl brown suitcase with buckle closers and a broken zipper. Instead of clothes I had 80 pounds of books, my walkman, and a box with Petra tapes.


Hand made Large Vintage Suitcase in vegetable tan leather.

The familiar suitcase, no matter how battered can never be replaced by a new one. It does hold the memories: sandalwood on the boats on Lake Dal, the sound of gunfire in the distance, checkpoints, bribery and luggage inspections at Srinagar airport, no walnuts allowed on board. The surprise of seeing the suitcase arrive intact at Delhi Airport.