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Park & Sun Nylon Bungee Slip Net: Multi-Sport Goal, Orange, 4' H x 6' W x 3' D


Typical uses for 4" Mesh netting are: Soccer Netting, Basketball Barrier Netting, Volleyball Netting, Dodgeball Nets, Deer Fence, Agricultural and Garden Netting, and General Multi-Purpose Applications.

#15 x 4" and #30 x 4" are great low cost options for Soccer Barrier Netting, #40 x 2" is a great choice for Heavy Duty Soccer Impact Barrier Netting available in several colors.


Cascade Nets :: Barrier Netting

We carry a full line of indoor and outdoor soccer perimeter netting to protect spectators and property during practice and matches. Our line of perimeter netting is manufactured using polyester, which is stronger than nylon and withstands outdoor environments better. The netting can be rope, web or vinyl bound. We offer white or black nets for indoor use and treated black nets for outdoor use. Our treated nets can withstand outdoor conditions while maintaining their high performance.