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  • The  is an alternative sleep mask which I mention here because it is both cheaper and lighter.
  • Christmas Gift - Adorable DIY Sleeping Mask Tutorial. #christmas #gifts #the36thavenue
  • Silk Sleeping Eye Mask Item # S027 Material: silk  Size:19*9cm

ALASKA BEAR® - Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold, super-smooth eye mask


The Nap Star was recently presented to the public on a trial basis on both eBay and Amazon websites, and most buyers seem enthusiastic about the new sleep mask concept.

The Nap Star, however, has no secret pockets, nor does it convert to a muff. But these are non-sleep extra features which many customers do not need or use for sleeping at home, and eliminating them brought production costs down significantly. The resulting Nap Star is hence more esthetic and streamlined. The Nap Star still does plenty of transforming, but because of its simplified design, at $19.95, it sells for 1/3 less than the Dreamhelmet. Says de Cordova, "You get a good sleep mask and a lot more - for just the price of a good sleep mask".


Because I love and use the Cat Nap Sleep Mask every night!

Comfort, freedom of movement and the ability to choose your sleep position. Designed to help improve your sleep therapy experience, DreamWear is unlike any sleep apnea mask.