• Single Monitor Arm
  • The Rapidline Single Monitor Arm is fully adjustable for optimal viewing comfort.
  • The Freestanding Single Monitor Arm is covered under a 30-day direct warranty.
  • Novatech Single Monitor Stand - Height Adjustable - 17" to 22"

VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Fully Adjustable/Tilt/Articulating for 1 Screen up to 27" (STAND-V001)

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Designed by Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS), a Herman Miller company, the Single Monitor Arm "takes monitor arms in a new direction." In keeping with the human-centered, problem-solving design philosophy of Herman Miller and our industry-leading research into ergonomics, the design team at CBS wanted to create a monitor support that allowed a user to position it—no matter what the activity—with minimal effort. The result was the patented geometric spring system that allows the wide range of movement and easy adjustment.

The Single Monitor Arm makes it easy to use a flat screen as output device in upright viewing position, or as input device at desktop level, or anywhere in between. In addition to its superior function, it simply looks good. CBS's objective was to keep the shape, surfaces, and joints as simple and clean looking as possible. The result is a maximum of performance with a minimum number of parts.


Monmount Single Lcd Monitor Vesa Desk Stand Height - Sears

The Dell™ MSA14 single monitor articulating arm is designed to maximize your viewing comfort and improve your productivity with its multi-adjustment capabilities such as height adjustability, tilt, and swivel and pivot features. It can easily be attached to Dell monitor panels with a simple snap to the VESA mount at the back of the monitor without the need for screws. By replacing the standard monitor base with an articulating Dell monitor arm, the space directly in front of the monitor is recovered and you will not need to strain to access work space on the desktop. When properly positioned, Dell monitor arm with integrated cable management feature, keeps your desktop neat, offering both enhanced ergonomics and improved space utilization. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems to ensure it will work with your computer. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.