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Russell Stover Milk Chocolate Dip-it Rabbit with Peanut Butter - 6-oz. Box (Pack of 2)

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The Russell Stover Chocolate Easter Bunny Weight: 7 ounces Height: 7.5 inches Cost: $3.89 Place of purchase: Duane Reade at Union Square Cost per pound: $8.89 Type of chocolate: Milk Details: Solid chocolate, one-sided, flat back, comes rabbit-shaped white plastic trough, in a pink box with a cellophane window

"In the left corner, weighing in at 4 ounces, the Jacques Torres Easter Bunny," said the white-chocolate ref, pausing a moment to cinch up his licorice-colored pants, then turning toward the other side of the ring: "In the right corner, the favorite at 7 ounces, the Russell Stover Easter Bunny."


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