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  • New Lobster Rope Doormats, Handwoven of Maine Float Rope in Maine, USA.
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Rockport Rope Doormats 2030206 Indoor and Outdoor Doormats, 20 by 30-Inch, Gray


As Seen on NBC's Today, HGTV Magazine, and Better Homes & Gardens. Perfect for any doorstep, The Colors of Maine Doormat features a delightfully random array of recycled Maine float-rope once used to tether lobster traps together in the sea. Full of character and vivid in color, these new doormats are handwoven in Down East Maine using a multitude of recycled lobster ropes and are by far the most popular Lobster Rope Doormats available! Limited in supply, we never know when we may run out.

Each mat is woven from the colorful ropes available at the time, and now two will ever be the same. Available in 3 sizes and each doormat is approximately 1.25" thick. Their variety of color makes them perfect for any decor. Get your recycled Lobster Rope Doormat now while supplies last.


Rope Door Mat - Gifts For Special Occasions

Handwoven in the US, our doormats take up to 1 hour to create, depending on the style. The polyprooylene rope we use is heavy-duty so our mats are can weight anywhere from 7 pounds up to 12, depending on style. Compared to the lightweight rope doormats you find elsewhere, ours are rugged and won't blow away with the wind. The raised rope weave cleans your shoes like nothing else and the mat stilll looks great afterwards. They won't take on an odor over time and they are completely water, rot, and mildew resistant. You will use yours for years to come - no matter what the weather. We recommend non-skip surfaces (our use a rug mat underneath for smooth surfaces).