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Revlon New Complexion One-Step Makeup, SPF 15, Ivory Beige 01, 0.35 Ounce


The difference between 2010 & 2013 is that I no longer have horrible acne. I go for lighter coverage these days. My skin is still oily, but there's primer & setting powder to aid that. I now *hate* cakey make up. Almost every drugstore foundation looks cakey on me though... with the exception of Revlon New Complexion Liquid Foundation. Here's some advice - if you too are having issues with foundation having that "obvious make up texture", look for a foundation that's liquidy. Not creamy, not dry, but runny. The runnier the consistency, the less cakey it'll look on skin. This foundation is very watery.

Unfortunately Revlon New Complexion Liquid Foundation is very hard to find these days. Anyone know if it's been discontinued? I can't find it in any local walmarts. What I've had to resort to doing is stocking up from online. If you can get your hands on it though, I'd definitely recommend it.


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