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Suspenders - Solid Red Braces By CoverYourHair®

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3. Play with coupling red suspenders with different shades of a single color and add some patterns to the mix to provide additional interest to your ensemble. Below, Ed Westwick as ‘Chuck Bass’ in Gossip Girl shows how to do this right. He pairs his red suspenders with various shades of blue including a blue striped shirt, a dark blue paisley tie and navy blue pants for an eye catching, yet sophisticated look. This classic look can work wonderfully for women as well as men!

2. Try pairing red with a single other color for a simple and classy look. Doing so will provide an elegant backdrop for showing off your red suspenders! Try red and black, as pictured below or pair with white, taupe, or blue.


Why do firemen (OK, firefighters) wear red suspenders

Wearing these Perry SN200 R RED Y-Back Red Suspenders will make you look like the rock star you are. Wearing red signals a person who is not afraid to say what they think, or confront people who need confronting. Conversely, when you see someone wearing red, you ge ... () #.