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Kicker KI44 4-Meters 4-Channel K-Series RCA Audio Interconnect Cable


I've been using the RCA 44 ribbon microphone on and off for about three or four years and it is one of the coolest overall ribbon microphones that I have used. It can be described as an overall great microphone that will reproduce your tone quite clearly and accurately. If I am looking for a realistic sound from vocals, drums, or any other application, this is the type of microphone that I am looking for and if I have access to it, I will always try the RCA 44. I am a huge fan of ribbon microphones in general as I love the way a great one sounds and it is a sound that is impossible to reproduce without a microphone like this one. The price of the RCA 44 is pretty reasonable if you can find one in the average price range used, as of course these are no longer made. I would absolutely recommend this to both professional and home studio owners, as this is a classic microphone that is great in any setting. Those who are after a high end ribbon microphone know that you will have to pay a bit as they aren't cheaply made, but also isn't incredibly expensive like other types of high end mics. If you're looking for a top tier ribbon mic, it doesn't get too much better than the RCA 44.

Implements the best of vintage desing with modern touches
Next, they use modern magnet technology which is much more robust than period magnets. AEA also combined the original American undamped ribbon design with the British RCA 44 innovations that lower the weight and hum sensitivity. The R44 design runs contrary to all current ribbon microphone manufacturing. It is large and heavy when other microphones are smaller and lighter. The internal ribbon element is by far the longest and its resonance tuning the lowest of today's ribbon microphones. It is a pure undamped ribbon design, an approach that has been out of production for over 50 years while remaining in continuous studio use. It is different, and its sound is unique.


RCA 44A Ribbon Velocity ---1933 -44

My early sketches studied the simplest and sturdiest forms of construction to allow convenient maintenance of the wireless transmitters on a daily basis. Once the assembly design was complete, dimensions were taken of both the original RCA 44 and several styles of wireless lavalier transmitters. A compromise was then reached between construction simplicity and replica accuracy while accounting for a wide range of transmitter models.