• Easy mobile printing
  • These are five great Dell printers that would be ideal for even your grandparents:
  • 2.) Dell All-in-One Photo Printer 922
  • 3.) Dell Monochrome Laser Printer 1125

HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing, Instant Ink ready (F0V69A)


Multifunction models: It’s hard to find a printer that just prints anymore—but why would you want one? A multifunction printer that includes a scanner makes it easy for you to create copies or digitize documents. Unless you’re super-duper-sure that all you want to do is print, get a multifunction printer for the versatility.

A service like temporarily hosts files you attach on its own servers, then sends the document to your printer for output to unshackle you from the confines of a tethered connection. HP and Kodak also just added e-mail print to their feature portfolio, letting users print any document or picture from the Web by attaching it to a message and sending it to a unique e-mail address assigned to every printer.


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Unlike industrial machines (and ), which print objects in an enclosed, piston-like build volume, [Aad’s] addon simply prints the object within the heap of powder it lays down on the build plate. [Aad] provides PC software that processes 3D models from the STL and OBJ format into printable G-code and streams the instructions to both the printer and the addon. It also generates support walls around the model to stabilize the powder heap.