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Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Battery

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Fluctuations in the cost of lithium—even a small but persistent spike in prices—could push the Gigafactory's fragile math in the wrong direction. Controlling the price of its batteries is critical to Tesla's goal of putting a mass-market electric vehicle on the road by 2017 and producing hundreds of thousands of new EVs by 2020. That means Tesla will need to meticulously manage what its battery costs.

Exide has increased its online price for all batteries, now it is clearly evident that online price of exide batteries is approximately 10% higher than normal store prices.


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There are many factors that affect the cost of car batteries. The biggest factor that affects prices are the size of the battery which are also called group sizes. Cold Cranking amps (CCA) of the battery and the warranty also affect the prices of car batteries. If you are trying to replace your battery, you first need to determine the size of your battery. You can go to auto parts stores to look up the make and model or you can simply search for the information online.