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Comfort Research UltimaX Beans Refill, 100 Liters


Polystyrene beads are well known, and have been used extensively for some time. These beads start out in an unexpanded state, and can be expanded, using known processes such as those disclosed in U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,573,790 and 5,267,845, into expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads. During this process, the beads can be expanded to different extents. The density of the resulting EPS beads can be measured in units of pounds per cubic foot.

Our quality fire retardent polystyrene beads meet industry standards for bean bag filling and conforms to British Safety Standards for soft furnishings, soft toy fillings and pet beds.


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Loose beads are also used to slow the growth of mosquito populations, which helps to control diseases like malaria. These beads are poured into septic tanks or latrine pits to interrupt the respiration patterns of mosquito larvae. The layer of floating polystyrene also prevents adult mosquitoes from exiting these breeding grounds. Unlike alternate materials, polystyrene beads remain on the surface of the water until they are washed away. They may also be use in wet or spongy soil, or simply around planting beds.