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ePhoto Photograpy 3 Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit 3pcs 6 x 9 ft Muslins, Background Support Stand Kit Case HS360BWG

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This is one approach to diffusing your photography lights. Simply suspend a layer of some type of light-diffusing material in front of the bulbs. White nylon fabric or frosted plastic sheets make good diffusion materials. Even wax baking or tracing paper can be used in a pinch. Photography stores will, of course, sell diffusion panels of various shapes and sizes.

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I found that if I had a fairly wide aperture, the lightning bolt came out over exposed, and I had more success using a small one and manualy holding the shutter open until the lightning flashed. Ialso used timer but Murphy's law applied, the lightning flashed after it activated. I also used a low ISO (100). I guess the downfall is with a small aperture and ISO is that the foreground comes out as siluet, unless a very long time is used. I have only had one oportunity to photograph lightning since getting my 400D and the best was over by the time I got my gear out, set up, and worked out the best settings, nature wouldn't co-operate again for me after that.
Any thoughts?