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GHP Outdoor Garden Patio 4-Piece Cushioned Seat Mix Gray Wicker Sofa Furniture Set

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As a Marshalls approved contractor, we can install many different types of garden paving including patios, paths, circle features and steps to completely transform the look of your home. Every paved area we install is uniquely designed to match your requirements as well as suit your gardens surroundings.

Create a beautiful backyard that becomes an extension of your living space with garden and patio design choices. The right outdoor grill lets you dine al fresco, while patio furniture allows you to relax with friends in style. Free Shipping.*


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When we install a permeable paver patio, driveway or walkways we start by digging a 12” deep base (normally for a patio it would be 7” to 8” deep) and fill it with a larger stone for drainage. Then we use crushed stone instead of sand to set the pavers and sweep into the joints. The permeable pavers are made with a spacer to create a wider joint in between to allow the water to flow through to the stone. If the hardscaping is in a heavy water flow area, we can also install a drain into the sub-base that drains to a dry well.