• paper cup with handle for hot drinking
  • Solo 8-oz. Paper Hot Cups with Handle, Symphony Design, 20 Sleeves of 50 Cups, 1,000 Cups
  • SOLO 376HW-2050 Single-Sided Poly Paper Hot Cup with Handle, 6 oz
  • Paperboard Automatic Cup Carrier with Handle

4 oz. White Paper Cups with Handle - 100 pack

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While there are an assortment of portable canteens and cups available that let you have a drink or sip your Joe on the go, none can provide you with the dual functionality of the +4.5 Paper Cup. At first glance, it looks just like a typical paper cup with a handle attached to it. But look closer and you’ll see that there’s more to that handle than meets the eye.

The Anthora was the first of its kind, introducing the to-go coffee cup as we know it. Not to say that this was the first disposable cup; William F. Dart invented the styrofoam cup in 1957, and disposable paper coffee cups with handles (still popular in parts of Latin America) have been available since the 1930s. But the Anthora was the first handleless paper to-go coffee cup, innovating a basic design that nearly all coffee shops have come to use since.


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