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Oversized Folding Moon Chair, Multiple Colors, Large, Round (Black)


We flanked the papasan chair with two basic chairs that we already had on hand. Of course, it would’ve looked a bit odd if we had this amazing papasan sitting aside an otherwise boring set of plain chairs so we decided to spruce things up a bit.

Did you know that Pier 1 was the first store to import the original Papasan Chair over 27 years ago? I didn’t, but I am so glad that they did because this thing is beyond incredible. Whether you’re simply lounging in the yard, curling up in the warm sunshine with your favorite book, or even just chatting it up with some great company at, say, a party, it is the perfect addition to your space.


Papasan Brown Chair Frame | Pier 1 Imports

I love this chair! The frame is very sturdy, the aqua cushion that came with it was true to the picture, very comfortable, and very thick and cushiony. A few reviews said that they had to put extra padding down. I did not find this to be the case for me. People also said that the frame slips and doesn't stay up when you sit in it. Absolutely true -- but, then again, that's the way it's made; it's not supposed to sit straight up. If you want the chair to look more like a chair and less like a bowl, just take some industrial strength long velcro ties (these are the ones WITHOUT adhesive backing) and put the upper part of the frame exactly where you want it. Mine stayed perfectly! And, if in the future, my dog claims it as his bed, I can undo the velcro ties and put it in a different position (that's why you don't want to use velcro with adhesive backing).If you like Papasan chairs, you'll love this one! I bought the matching ottoman to go with it and now I have the perfect reading chair (which then turns into a great place to nap.)