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  • Your labor in the Spirit over the next 18 months will determine the ..

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The AT&T Rep I just spoke to said he next 18 plan requires 24 payments of the same, so for the 64GB 6+, the total you will end up paying for the phone alone is $850 not $637.56… She went over line by line the 2yr contract vs next 18 plan for me and still 2yr contract wins.. And I am so confused!!! Lol as I believe that is what phone company wants me to feel.

"Don't give up now. Many are standing for you and the great cloud of witnesses is in agreement with you. Continue pressing in and refuse to submit to the ungodly. Your labor in the Spirit over the next 18 months will determine the course of the nation. Watch and pray. Pray without ceasing. Cooperate with My Spirit. Listen to My voice. Execute My plan. Don't give up."


Boeing Sees New 787 Orders From China in Next 18 Months

The Next 18 plan has gone through a couple of variations through the lifespan it has been available. There are some plans that are 24 payments, upgrade after 18 and there are some that are 26 and still upgrade after 18. Being on the 26 month, your payments are slightly smaller with the same 1.5 year upgrade option.