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  • Q--What is the difference between cream cheese and neufchatel cheese?
  • Raspberries and limoncello top Neufchatel cheese for this quick dessert.
  • 2. Neufchatel cheese originated from France while cream cheese, although it had some vague roots in France, flourished in the U.S.

Kraft Philadelphia Neufchatel Cheese, 30 Pound -- 1 each.

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Artisan cheesemonger is offering readers of the opportunity to win a unique Valentine’s gift set of a delicious Coeur de Neufchatel cheese and a hand-crafted, heart-shaped slate cheeseboard to help serve it on.

I have a recipe that specifically calls for Neufchatel cheese. What's the difference between this cheese and regular cream cheese? Can one be substituted for the other? —A.K., Torrance, California


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Lastly, cream cheeses are obviously the ideal cheese for making cheese cakes. Substituting the cheese component with other cheeses like the Neufchatel cheese simply won’t do the exact same desired result.