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NETGEAR PS101 Mini Print Server


A: It's first worth checking with your broadband provider to see if they can supply you with a combined ADSL modem/Wi-Fi router, rather than just the modem on its own. It's one less box, configuration and installation are generally a lot easier and it means you won't have to leave your main PC switched on all the time to access the internet on your laptop. If your broadband provider can't supply one, buy one yourself - prices start at around £45. If you are determined to use the supplied modem and connect your PC to a wireless router then there's not a lot to choose between the well-known brands - you can't go far wrong with models from 3Com, Belkin, Linksys and Netgear. Make sure you get one with at least two LAN ports, to allow for future expansion, and help with your second problem - sharing the printer. The solution is a device called a Print Server, which connects between the printer and the router, bypassing the need for a PC. The Netgear PS101 Mini Print Server would be ideal for you as this connects directly to the printer's parallel port socket. These are widely available online and sell for around £45.

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NETGEAR PS101 Mini Print Server