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Nerf Doomlands Double Dealer Blaster

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All things considered, the Pyragon stands above the other Vortex blasters by a wide margin, making it a prime choice for any Nerf commando. Its lightning-fast firing rate, a huge disc capacity, and long range make up for its somewhat slow discs and poor accuracy when tilted. The Pyragon costs $39.99, making it tied with the Nitron for the honor of the most expensive Vortex blaster. Still, if you’re in the market for a Nerf gun and you have $40 to spend, you can’t do better right now than the Nerf Vortex Pyragon.

The Nerf Modulus is an upcoming N-Strike Elite XD blaster that promises to shift the focus back to . It is a semi-automatic, flywheel powered, electric clip system blaster. It is most often compared to the . The Stryfe was a great little blaster when it was released and it still holds its own with the big boys today. The Nerf Modulus aims to be the most modifiable, easily customizable, “modular” blaster available for purchase. It comes with several attachments in the box already and 4 more upgrade kits have been announced so far. That brings us back to another Nerf Stryfe comparison. The Nerf Stryfe released in a which included a barrel and foregrip, a buttstock, and an . People are saying the Nerf Modulus is nothing but an Elite XD version of the Stryfe. To these people I say, “So what?” What this blaster offers is great, but what it represents is even greater. To see a shift back to a focus on individually sold attachments and accessories is great. I’m extremely excited about this. All of the Nerf Modulus attachments have been confirmed to use the standard attachment system, too. That means all of these attachments will be fully interchangeable, not only for the Modulus, but on any blaster with attachment points.


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