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  • Moth pest control with natural cedar wood moth balls.
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  • Nili Nathan shows you a natural way to make your own moth balls at home.

Enoz Original Moth Balls, 4 oz Each, 4 Pack

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Says one of our readers, “I kept the kitchen really clean, especially around the sink. That helped, but it didn’t get rid of them. So finally I just put out moth balls and that took care of it. Moth balls are great. I don’t like the smell much, but you can use them for so many things! I really like moth balls.”

The secret behind moth balls isn’t their odor killing ability or their exterminating eminence. The truth lies in the fact that Asians are all exterminators at heart. That’s why they have been of the select few “ethnic” groups to wage war on their own kind. Though the battle with creepy crawlers is not as heated as, say… the Korean or Vietnam War, Asians still hold extreme pride in their ability to keep their homes free of infestation.


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I have no mothballs in my home and my place is not infested with roaches, moths, and rats. I think it is common knowledge that these are not needed anymore (there are basically other more effective and less smelly options). However, we should consider that if the cultures that constitute a large fraction of this planet considers this a smell pleasant, then perhaps this smell is pleasant (based on majority opinion).