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MLO PRODUCTS/GENISOY Mus-L Blast 2000+ Vanilla Powder 47 OZ by MLO Products/ Genisoy

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According to Doug Williamson, vice president at MLO Products, the error with the bars was unfortunate. He stated that a computer transposition error added too much vitamin A that was supplementing a vitamin premix that was used in the bars. "That's the first error of this type in 37 years ofbusiness, and it won't happen again in the next 37 years." To correct this mistake, a system of checks and balances have been put into place, Williamson added, and MLO Products is in talks with Metabolife in regard to replacing the bars. "Our hopes are to continue to work with Metabolife [in producing these bars]," he said.

During a quality assurance sampling audit, Metabolife discovered the excessive vitamin A, which was confirmed by an independent test ordered by MLO Products. "We are voluntarily recalling this four-month-old product as a responsible company," said David Brown, Metabolife's chief executive officer.


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