• mitten utensil holders
  • Mitten Silverware Holders- All you need is felt, scissors, hot glue, and some cute embellishments like ribbons or buttons.
  • Mitten cutlery holders

Kids Elastic Glove and Mitten Clips with Snowman Design Clip - Black

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The arrival of the cooler temps and changing leaves means that old man winter is on his way. This means it is time to dig out all of your cold weather accessories, including mittens, hats, scarves, and more. If your house is like mine, this means your hallway is about to turn into mitten mayhem, with mittens and cold weather accessories tossed all over the place. This year, we decided to avoid this mayhem by creating this easy upcycled yardstick mitten holder instead. It was so easy to make, and in the end only cost us around $2. Take a look below at how you can avoid mitten mayhem this year too with this fun and frugal DIY project.

How easy was that? Give this easy upcycled yardstick mitten holder a try and see how easy (and cute) keeping your cold weather accessories can be!


vintage pink duck-shaped kids mitten holders