• Mauria Puama i Niacine
  • Składniki: Johambina wyciąg 8%, Tribulus Terestris wyciąg 40%, Guarana, Damiana, mauria Puama i Niacine
  • Składniki: Johambina wyciąg 8%-towy, Tribulus Terestris wyciąg 40%-towy, Guarana, Damiana, mauria Puama i Niacine
  • Muira Puama benefit, side effects - Ray Sahelian

Muira Puama Benefits & Information (Liriosma Ovata)

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a) Viga Tablets (Naturalviagra), 200 mg, 20 and 30 count bottles and 4 tabletsample packets, Each tablet contains: Ginseng-40mg, Oat straw-10mg, Mauriapuama-10mg, DHEA-10mg, Saw palmentto-40mg, Tribulus terrestris-40mg, Yohimbeextract-40mg, and Androstenedione-10mg.

bottles of twelve (12) and thirty (30), as well as, sample packets of two (2)350 mg tablets labeled to contain a combination of herbal ingredients toincrease sexual desire, stamina, and arousal. The primary ingredients (pertablet) listed on the product's labeling include the following: Mauria Puama,Epimedum (leaves/stems) 50% Extract, Mucuna Pruriens (seed), Herba Cistanches(root), Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa (lichen), Cnidu Monnier (fruit), Yohimbe 8%(bark), yields 2 mg Yohimbine Alkaloids, Ageratum (root), Gingko Biloba(leaves), and L-Arginine HCL. The product's labeling recommends a dosage of 1to 2 tablets an hour prior to sexual activity.


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