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Disguise Women's Disney Maleficent Christening Gown Deluxe Costume, Black, 18-20

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Ms. Sheppard stated that she used Disney’s original animated Sleeping Beauty from 1959 as the model for Maleficent’s costume, only slimmer. In her original form, above, Maleficent has her wings. Angelina Jolie makes a great looking fairy Maleficent, her pale skin a contrast to the black horned headpiece and high-collared gown. In the Maleficent costume shown below, Ms. Sheppard used Python skin for the horns. Duck feathers over leather were used for the capelet.

Sleeping Beauty rests for 100 years but now it's your time to shine! If you would rather wreak havoc and transform into a dragon when you want to get around, perhaps you should consider this evil number! Our Womens Maleficent Halloween Costume is designed to create an evil queen of the wearer! This includes a full-length black tunic, with magenta accents and bright purple cuff details. The purple foam collar is even attached! It also comes with her huge foam black hood to add to the terrifying look! So don't fall asleep on this great Womens Maleficent Halloween Costume for your Halloween event!


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Once upon a dream, Princess Aurora pricked her finger on a spinning wheel—no thanks to Maleficent and her wicked ways. Look every bit the evil queen in this officially licensed Maleficent Christening Costume, complete with dress, brooch and headpiece.