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  • How to Make a Mini Wooden Covered Wagon school project grandpa here we come...

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Sanding the pieces:
After everything is cut out, drilled, and otherwise fabricated, it's time to do some sanding of the pieces so you make a wooden wagon wheel that is finished well, and will look more attractive in your yard.

You might choose to make it look like an antique; or perhaps you would prefer something more colorful; or maybe jet-black; or white-white; or whatever suits your personal tastes! In any case, to make a wooden wagon wheel that best suits your specific needs, wants and wishes, use your personal choices and touches to make it something you are truly proud of!


How To Make A Wooden Toy Wagon - WoodWorking Projects & Plans

My recommendations for dimensions and materials, to make a wooden wagon wheel that is attractive and decorative, yet lightweight enough to handle safely and easily are as follows:
-Wheel diameter: At least 36"; up to 48". Make from 5/4 x 6 deck board material, in eight equal arc-segments.
--Wheel rim-segments: At least 1" thick; width to be whatever can be cut from standard 5/4 x 6 pressure-treated deck boards. Length is determined by dividing the chosen wheel size circumference into the eight equal segments.
-Wheel spokes: Length is determined by the wheel diameter and the hub size; plus the depth of the drilled holes in those items. The diameter of the spokes is determined by the chosen thickness of the rim-segments and wheel hub. For fitting into standard 5/4 pressure treated deck board material, spokes should be no larger than 3/4" diameter, which will leave only about 1/8" material on either side of the holes (sufficient for this decorative-only wooden wagon wheel). If your local home center or hardware store carries pressure treated dowels, use that; otherwise, standard dowel material is alright as long as it is protected by a good exterior finishing product.
-Glue: Use a superior-quality, exterior grade wood-bonding adhesive. There are many to choose from; read the labels carefully, or ask for assistance at your home center or hardware store for best results.
-Finishing products: Use high quality, exterior-grade stains, varnishes, paints or other sealants and protectants designed for exposure to elements germane to your area.
-Wood filler: You will need a small amount of wood filler, to fill the screw holes around the outer rim after final assembly.